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Entrepreneurial self leadership education through virtual training


Self-leadership doesn’t happen by accident. It takes effort, daily practice and attention to make progress. Training students on self-leadership skills can help them learn essential skills and techniques needed to face challenges in different environments, providing clarity in difficult situations, promoting wisdom and facilitating their self-confidence. It also prepares students to be self-critical and use criticism from others to create a positive direction.


Self-leadership skills can foster innovative behaviour to adapt, enhance, and improve performance and outcome. Self-leadership training and practice is known to improve students' academic performance and achievements as well as provide useful means in stress reduction. It can be a solution for developing future leaders in today's economy on how to be creative, develop their critical thinking ability, collaborative skills, communicate, as well as develop their inner purpose to be efficient and effective to influence and impact societies.


SLEM Academy develops entrepreneurial skills of high school and university students through the training of self-leadership, mindfulness, and social skills in project partnerships with high schools and universities from Albania, Croatia, Finland, and Liechtenstein. These abilities allow continuous development of self-efficacy, self-confidence, and self-awareness, which are vital to achieving one’s goals.


An innovative training course will be created, which will enable students to set and pursue wholesome goals in a focused and adaptive way that facilitates learning from their experiences. Bringing out their best self, enriching their abilities, and providing them with a framework in which to learn, apply, grow, and give back to society. 

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