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University of Dubrovnik is a public university founded in 2003 and located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its Department of Economics and Business (DEB) was founded in 1970 as Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Trade Dubrovnik. The vision and mission of the university is to become an internationally recognised institution that actively contributes to the local, national and international academic community through education and scientific work coherent with highest standards of excellence. Today, DEB is involved in several projects and educational activities aimed at understanding digital transformation and how it changes the way people live and work as well as in building of employability skills among students. Within DEB, also operates a Center for research on digital transformation CREDO.

CREDO has experience in the development of training programs aimed at building of transversal skills such as student digital entrepreneurship skills and developing open education resource (OER) platforms for student training in digital entrepreneurship. Staff of CREDO is involved in projects aiming to improve quality, relevance and efficiency of higher education through development and use of modern teaching methods and  strengthening of science-business collaboration in assessment of the needs of the labour market and development of human resources in Croatia. Over the years, present members of CREDO were involved in the creation and delivery of life-long learning programmes aimed at enhancing employability skills of graduates and unemployed persons.

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