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The aim of the E+Slem project is to develop entrepreneurial skills of high school and university students through the training of self-leadership, mindfulness, and social skills. An innovative training course will be created, which will guide the students through specific core elements: Bringing out their best self, enriching their abilities, and providing them with a framework in which to learn, apply, grow, and give back to society. 


The aim will be achieved through project partnerships with high schools and universities in Albania, Croatia, Finland and Liechtenstein. The participating organizations will conduct the virtual interactive training on students’ self-leadership abilities and assess its effectiveness on the individual and team level using case studies accompanied by rigorous evaluation standards. The focus of this program is primarily on the individual level (knowing yourself and leading from the inside out); but also on the transpersonal level (uniting a group to something bigger than themselves).

At the completion of the learning-outcomes-oriented training, all participants are expected to have developed interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. They will understand and be able to apply a variety of mindfulness and self-leadership skills. They will show a higher level of proactivity and self-reflection; benefit from heightened self-efficacy, self-confidence and self-awareness; deepen their understanding of themselves; learn to lead from the inside out; develop their relational abilities to be able to unite a group to something greater than the sum of its parts; and bring out their best self by enriching their abilities to learn, grow, apply, and give back to society. This project, therefore, aims to develop and validate the effectiveness of the training program and case study application on both the individual and the team level.

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