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Universitat Liechtenstein, Institute for Entrepreneurship 


The University of Liechtenstein is a leading university in the international Lake Constance region. It is a place for personal development, interaction as well as critical and creative thought, and a hub of innovation for shaping the future. It has an excellent reputation and an outstanding network of contacts. Education and research meet the highest international standards.

LAB University of Applied Sciences 

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LAB University of Applied Sciences is a higher education institution located in two cities in Finland, Lahti and Lappeenranta. In LAB there are 8500 students and staff comprises 500 lecturers and RDI Specialists. LAB University of Applied Sciences offers Barchelor´s Degrees in the fields of business, health care and social services, design and fine arts, technology and tourism and hospitality.

University of Dubrovnik,

Centre for Research of Digital Transformation CREDO 


University of Dubrovnik is a public university founded in 2003 and located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The vision and mission of the university is to become an internationally recognised institution that actively contributes to the local, national and international academic community through education and the scientific work coherent with highest standards of excellence.

formatio Privatschule 


formatio Private School offers a comprehensive educational programme to kids from age 6 to 19, all the way from primary school to upper secondary school level. Currently about 30 teachers are working with 110 children and adolescents. Its holistic and innovative concept promotes students’ individual strengths, gives courage for personal development and makes them fit for the digital future. formatio Private School’s pioneering school concept has been awarded the European Language Label by the European Commission.

Shkolla Austriake "Peter Mahringer" 


Shkolla Austriake “Peter Mahringer” is an Austrian school, founded in the year 2007 in Shkodra, Albania. The school in Shkodra is one out of 7 Austrian foreign schools around the world. The focus of the school is an IT high school with the Albanian and Austrian matura exam at the end. 25 Austrian and 17 Albanian teachers are teaching the Albanian and Austrian curriculum to 400 pupils between 6th and 13th grade. 

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