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Shkolla Austriake “Peter Mahringer” is founded in the year 2007 in Shkoder, Albania. The school is one out of 7 Austrian foreign schools around the world. The school is focused on an Information Technology (IT). At the end of the school year, the students take Albanian and Austrian matura exams. The staff consists of 25 Austrian and 17 Albanian teachers and also 430 pupils beginning with the 6th grade up to the 13th grade, who study the Albanian and Austrian curriculum.

Since 2010 the school started implementing entrepreneurship tools and mindset inside the economic and project management lessons. From this time on a “business plan competition” was organized inside the school where the winning team was representing Albania in european entrepreneurship competitions like „jugend innovativ“ or the „Youthstart European Entrepreneurship Award“. Multipliers spreaded the idea and now the Austrian School is taking part every year at the “next generation entrepreneurship Award & Summit“ and the “RYAS sustainability Award”. There is also based an Innovation Hub inside the Austrian school and 25 pupils are participating in organizing events, workshops and Erasmus+ projects.

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