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E+Slem project kick off meeting

Kick off meeting of E+Slem project took place on October 5th, 2020. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the meeting took place in an online environment via Zoom platform.

E+Slem - Entrepreneurial Self-Leadership Education Through Virtual Training is an Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnership in Higher Education project that will run from 1st September 2020. to 31st August 2023. The aim of project is to foster entrepreneurial skills of high school and university students through innovative training programmes of self-leadership, awareness and social skills. These skills will enable development of self-efficiency, self-awareness and self-confidence that are essential for realization of entrepreneurial intentions, activities and success. The project will develop a training programme, video content and case studies along with a manual for replication of programme in interested higher education institutions. The project is coordinated by University of Liechtenstein and consortium is also made of University of Dubrovnik, Croatia, LAB University, Finland, Formatio Bildungs High School, Liechtenstein and Austrian school "Peter Mahringer" from Shkoder in Albania.

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